The Alivizatos Treatment Program

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A General Overview

The Underlying Philosophy

It is known that poisoning the whole body to kill specific cells has had limited success and generally destroys much of the patient’s quality of life. Some patients –actually most patients- will tell you that the side effects from chemotherapy treatments are far worse than the symptoms of the cancer. Surgery has limited success because it frequently doesn’t remove all the cancer cells and ultimately becomes a delaying tactic rather than a genuine long-term solution. The Alivizatos® Treatment works on all types of cancer and we will accept patients at all stages as long as they are able to make the trip to the IBC hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. This treatment utilizes a process that regenerates, enhances and modulates the immune system so that the body can withstand abnormal influences.

Most typical cancer protocols attack other aspects of the patient’s health and cause multiple complications, some of which are very serious and debilitating. It is our philosophy to strengthen the body, enhance the immune system and the natural disease-fighting aspects of the patient while starving the cancer and creating a host environment that is not conductive to the growth or reproduction of the cancer cells.

For our program to be successful it is most important for all patients to adhere to what we call The Alivizatos Diet. This diet is primarily low in protein, acids, and dairy products. It is a nourishing, wholesome healthy eating regimen that will be given in writing to all patients at the beginning of their treatment stay. (You can also find that information in the reservations section of this website). The drinking of water is very important to the success of the Alivizatos® Treatment. A minimum of eight glasses of water per day is mandatory to flush the dead cancer cells out of the body.