Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Cervical.

Sue P., Arkansas

Diagnosed March 1994, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Cervical. After 4 recurrences, 2 radical surgeries, several minor surgeries and massive radiation to the point of severe tissue damage, I was told there was nothing more we could do except to try chemotherapy.

Since I had been told by several oncologists that chemo was not usually effective with my type of cancer, I declined the chemotherapy. In Oct. 1995, after speaking with a former Alivizatos patient, my family and I decided I did not have anything to loose in trying the Alivizatos Treatment. After 20 treatments (and 6 months later, 10 booster treatments), I was pronounced cancer free. I continued with only two or three more rounds of Alivizatos® booster treatments, and remained in total remission for almost 8 years. In 2003 biopsy results confirmed a recurrence of the Squamous Cell Carcinoma. I went back for a full round of 20 Alivizatos® treatments, 3 months later the tumors had decreased a little bit in size, 6 months later, they did not show up on the scans. My Oncologist does MRI scans approximately every 6 months and they still do not show up. I feel as though I am truly blessed to have heard of the Alivizatos Treatments and do not miss an opportunity to share my experience with anyone whom it may benefit. Oh, a little note. From now on, I WILL go back for booster treatments every year!


Lung Tumor

David R., Wisconsin

Diagnosed in August of 1992 with 8X8 cm. Lung Tumor and Tumor in the right and left Adrenal Glands. I was told they were inoperable and I had only four to six months to live.

In September 1992, through the grace of God, my wife, my parents and I found our way to Mexico and the Alivizatos Cancer Program. In short, by December 1993 my cancer was gone. I can truthfully say, without reservation, that the Alivizatos Treatment and many prayers saved my life and restored my health. Thank you for the opportunity to speak out.


Spinal Tumor

Sam H., North Carolina

My name is Sam, I was told by the doctors that I would not see my 18th birthday, only two months before my birthday. Their radiation had caused the tumor in my spine to triple in size. The Alivizatos treatment removed the tumor and I have survived these years.


Willie H., North Carolina

The Doctor wanted to operate to remove a piece of the tumor in my spine, but told me the operation would probably leave me paralyzed from the waist down. Instead, I came to the Hospital in Mexico and underwent their treatment. The tumor is shrinking daily. It has been two years and the Doctors here are amazed at the progress without surgery.


Breast Cancer

Avon K., Wisconsin

Diagnosed with Stage 3B Heur2 aggressive breast cancer with mets to lymph in December 1994. I had four chemo treatments in the states which were not tolerated. Doctor said it would kill me faster than the cancer would. I was given less than a year to live. To this day I am alive and well. Working and with lots of energy because of the yearly Alivizatos® Treatments at International Bio Care Hospital & Wellness Center. I highly recommend it!


Prostate Cancer

Dan W., Arizona

Along with several other medical problems, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I refused to do "western" medicine for the cancer. When I started being serious about going for the Alivizatos® Treatment, my wife and I paid International Bio Care Hospital & Wellness Center a surprise visit. I am the one who was surprised. They had ultra clean facilities and a very courteous staff. In February 2000, I went to Mexico for Alivizatos® for the first time to receive treatments.

As a result of the Alivizatos® Treatment and the change in lifestyle they suggest, my PSA went down, my hearing got better and I have not had to use hearing aids since then. I have not had to use narcolepsy medicine for my sleeping disorder and both my cholesterol and triglycerides numbers have gone down significantly. Additionally, I have lost about 30 needed pounds. Since that first visit, I have been back for regularly scheduled follow-ups. I speak very highly of the treatment and recommend it to anyone and everyone.


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