Dr. Hariton Alivizatos, MD, Ph.D., is the inventor/developer of the Alivizatos® Treatment protocol. He was born on the Island of Limnos in the Aegean Sea. While an undergraduate in medical school, he became interested in cancer research and continued four more years of research at the University of Athens, School of Medicine.

Since 1975, with the assistance of his father who had been the doctor in charge of St. Leo's Hospital, Dr. Alivizatos started administering his now world renowned and highly successful treatment.

This treatment utilizes a process that regenerates, enhances and modulates the immune system so that the body can withstand abnormal influences. The treatment pierces the protein and lipid layers of the cancer cells, literally opening the door to the infusion of those cells to effectively begin correction of the patient's metabolism. The resulting effect starves the cancer cells and enhances the condition of the healthy cells. Accordingly, the reproduction of cancer cells is significantly inhibited while the reproduction of the healthy cells is stabilized. The expected result is normally rapid remission and eventual disappearance of the malignancy.

The Alivizatos® serum consists of mega doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids put together in a complex form. The daily dose is 10cc administered intravenously. Everything found in the Alivizatos® serum is found in the human cell. Inasmuch as the Alivizatos® Treatment is non-toxic, non-biological and non-specific; it is able to pierce the brain-blood barrier, much to the benefit of those suffering from brain tumors. The immune system is enhanced and modulated so that the body can take over control of any disease. If your immune system had been strong, you would not have cancer. It is important to note that this treatment is non-toxic, contrary to the traditional chemotherapy protocols. It is a non-specific enhancement of the entire immune system. Non-biologic means that it is not a vaccine. We have also seen significant benefits for those suffering from diabetes, arthritis, emphysema and other autoimmune diseases.

New patients will normally receive 20 full treatments after being evaluated with a full medical history and physical examination by the assigned attending physician. This may include a review of past medical record and imaging/laboratory information. These tests will give you and your doctor better information as to your condition and will be done periodically during the treatment period to monitor your progress. However, those suffering with Lupus or who have liver involvement are usually prescribed a 30-day treatment program.

Based on your diagnosis and progress, your attending physician will determine the time and length of follow up or "booster" treatments. You can get an accurate quote of your particular program by contacting us at 1-800-262-0212 or alivinfo@gmail.com

Normally, the patient can expect to see or feel some improvement in the first week but the treatment will be most effective about 30 to 45 days after the last injection and will continue to work for up to six months. As with any treatment, the Alivizatos® Treatment does not help everyone, nor does it claim to do so.

Surgical procedures during the treatment period are not advisable unless an emergency arises. Radiation and x-rays should not be prescribed during or within sixty days after the treatment, as they are deleterious to the Alivizatos® Treatment.

Patients who must receive radiation should consider receiving it a minimum of seven days prior to beginning the Alivizatos® Treatment or wait at least sixty days after receiving the last treatment. If a life-threatening condition should occur and radiation will reduce the size and/or bulk of a tumor, and the patient opts for same, they should consider the administration of booster treatments after the radiation. You must stay alive in order to get well!

There are essentially no adverse side effects. Patients will most often be somewhat fatigued in the early afternoon during the treatment period and for a month or so after the last treatment. Some patients experience flu-like symptoms during the first week of the treatment period. Hot flashes and chills at times accompany those symptoms but these minor side effects will soon disappear. These reactions are normal and temporary. We recommend that the patient rest as much as possible.

In addition, the treatment should reduce the pain normally associated with cancer and restore the appetite of the patient in order to regain normal body strength. We have all had friends or family members who have endured one or more of other cancer regimes, so it goes without saying that the need to find a safe, non-toxic treatment is as great today as ever before. The Alivizatos® Treatment works on all types of cancer and we will accept patients at all stages so long as they are able to make the trip to the IBC hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. We believe that the Alivizatos® Treatment, although not a "cure," is a treatment that has given quality to and extended the lives of many thousands of our patients. Many have been in total remission for years. This is a safe and effective treatment that you should consider.

The Alivizatos® Treatment is only available at the International Bio Care Hospital and Wellness Center located about 10 minutes from the international border in Tijuana, Mexico or 35 minutes from downtown San Diego, California where the airport is located. This is a completely modern, full service facility with surgery room and is an internationally accredited 31 bed capacity hospital with 7 bilingual medical doctors on staff and caring, compassionate nurses. Other specialists are called in for consultation as needed. Designed with the patients' comfort in mind, there are 15 spacious in-patient hospital rooms. Outpatient facilities are also available.

This program has been administered in Mexico since February of 1984 and the records indicate that some 80% of the patients utilizing this protocol are being assisted as to their quality of life and added longevity. We are able to administer to any number of patients per day since there is rarely any waiting list. We do prefer that patients begin their treatment on Monday due to the availability and scheduling of laboratory facilities. You do not need any inoculations, immunizations, or a visa to enter Mexico. A current passport is mandatory to re-enter the United States.

To participate in this program, it is required that advance notice be given for both NEW as well as BOOSTER patients.

Please call toll-free 800-262-0212 or go to alivinfo@gmail.com to make arrangements and to confirm your arrival.

The Coordinating Office of the Alivizatos® Treatment program is located in San Diego, CA and is open office hours Monday to Friday (Pacific Time Zone). All numbers have after hours answering machines and you will receive a callback as soon as possible. The Coordinating Office primarily sends out brochures and can make confirmed reservations for your accommodations on either side of the US/Mexico border or at the hospital. Additionally, the coordinators can answer most of your questions and supply you with the necessary information for your stay while you receive the Alivizatos® Treatment

The Coordinators will need the following information:
Name, address, phone number, cell phone number, email, diagnosis, arrival date, who will be traveling with the patient & housing requirements, or just fill our contact form.

The following information is furnished in order for you to calculate the approximate cost of this program. Prices subject to change.

Costs will vary depending on the distance you travel to get to San Diego, California.

IBC Apartments:
Several options are available here starting from $65.00 a night for a one bedroom without a kitchenette, $70.00 for one bedroom with a kitchenette, $110.00 for a three bedroom with a full kitchen, $90.00 for a studio junior suite and $110.00 for a one bedroom VIP Suite. You can get your meals in the dinning room of the hospital for $5.00 each meal per person. All prices are in US dollars and are subject to change without notice.

All payments are to be made in advance and in US Currency. We accept all major credit cards. You can also pay by cash or personal check for the full amount at the beginning of the treatment period. Bank-wire transfers to our bank in San Diego, CA are also possible.

Most private insurance companies in the United States honor claims for medical services from International Bio Care Hospital. We advise you to request more information based on your particular health insurance policy through our insurance coordinating office by contacting us at our toll free number or alivinfo@gmail.com

Things to bring along: (medical exams)
At your initial consultation, please provide copies of your full medical records, x-rays, CT Scans, etc. These should include whatever treatment you have had, copies of hospital or doctor's records, (if possible) and your DIAGNOSIS FROM YOUR DOCTOR. Please be sure to get all of your medical records returned to you by your Doctor at IBC Hospital at your last appointment before your homeward departure.

The Alivizatos® Treatment program is being used principally for the treatment of patients with cancer. The hospital will also include patients seeking treatment for emphysema, diabetes, arthritis, lupus, autoimmune disorders and for prevention as well.

What is being offered is not a panacea; The Alivizatos® Treatment protocol does not help everyone and you are not helped overnight. Normally, you will see improvement the first week. As previously mentioned, our records indicate that the treatment will be working for you the hardest some 30 to 45 days after your last injection and will continue to work up to six months.

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